When the summer heat begins to change into cooler autumn temperatures, it's time to start considering all the ways you can improve your home before winter rears its ugly head. Stay ahead of the game and depend on these winter preparation techniques to get your home maintenance off to a great start.


Scan Your Roof Thoroughly

There's nothing more worrisome than having a faulty roof just ahead of a large impending storm. Before the clouds start rolling in, give your roof a thorough inspection. Look for any missing or broken shingles that can allow water to leak through, whether from a passing rainstorm or due to slow-melting snow, taking note of any broken flashing seals around your chimney and vents, as well. If you need help with this winter preparation maneuver, call on a handyman to check into a few small repairs, or contact a professional roofer for bigger jobs.


Clear the Gutters and Redirect Water Overflow

Any amount of debris such as built-up leaves and dirt can cause issues with your gutter system, causing a blockage that can lead to roof or lining damage, as well as potential leaks in your roof over time. Clear your gutters ahead of time, and divert any running water away from your home by extending your downspouts. Be sure to extend the spouts at least four feet away from your home so water runoff doesn't start to pool around your foundation and cause potential flooding around your entryways.


Invest in a Chimney Sweep 

While lighting a fire for warmth and ambiance during the winter is ideal, it can be dangerous if you haven't had your chimney inspected in a while. Call on a professional chimney sweep to clear out your chimney and be sure to inspect and clean your ventilation system, avoiding any possible uncontrollable fires or carbon monoxide leaks that can divert back into your household without your knowing.


Repair Your Heating System

There's nothing worse than realizing your heater doesn't work when the coldest temperatures of the year start to set in. Have a heating technician inspect and repair your system for maximum efficiency, measuring any potential carbon monoxide leakage along the way.


Winter preparation doesn't have to be burdensome, and it certainly doesn't have to cost a small fortune if you take proper precautions before major damage occurs. Follow these few easy steps to start your home maintenance project off right, ensuring that your home is ready for any kind of winter weather headed your way.