Whether you’re looking to sell your first home or you’re selling one of your investment properties, many homes are bought and sold in the spring and summer. However, there’s a rapidly growing trend to sell houses in the fall. Find out how you can benefit from selling a house in fall.


First, it’s to your advantage to have a smaller pool of competition. Since a large number of homes are sold in the spring and summer, there may not be as many homes on the market when you list in the fall. Less competition means more demand for your home.


Too many listings can reduce the chance of a bidding war and cause buyers to offer less than the asking price. If your house is the only one in your area for sale, there’s more pressure for a buyer to buy it before it’s gone.


While many sellers try to imagine the ideal buyer and when they’re likely to need a home, the reality is that people need houses all year. Whether it’s a sudden decision to retire, a new job offer or an emergency that requires someone to transfer to a new location, there are dozens of reasons for buyers to be looking all throughout the year.


Another key advantage of a fall sale is that it can translate into quicker closings. No one wants to be moving during the holidays or in a snowstorm. Buyers looking in the fall are typically highly motivated to make a quick deal before the holiday season. This can work to your advantage, as you both will help speed the closing along and create a pain-free transaction.


Fall can be a great time to highlight certain aspects of your home or neighborhood. As leaves begin to fall, the simple task of removing all your leaves can help your home stand out, particularly if your neighbors aren’t as quick to rake their leaves. Cooler fall temperatures may reduce your energy bills. This time of year is also a great time to highlight your local school district and the safety of your neighborhood.