As wintertime rolls in and brings about its yearly regimen of sniffles and sneezing, oftentimes a winter cold can morph into the flu if left untreated. If you or someone in your home is encountering the beginning stages of the flu, take action immediately to make yours a flu-free home. You already know how important washing your hands is to a healthy home, what else do you need to do to take action?


Disinfect Everything 

Well, maybe not everything, but when someone is on the brink of getting sick then the best possible thing you can do to keep everyone else healthy is to go through your home armed with disinfectant spray and some cleaning cloths. Some areas that are especially nasty and should be sanitized include:

          Doorknobs and light switches

          TV and video game remotes, cell phones and tablets

          Areas of the kitchen and bathroom that are touched regularly: Handles, knobs, faucets, and buttons

Bacteria spread disease. Eliminate it from your home to ensure that everyone else stays healthy.

Make Use of Your Dishwasher and Washing Machine

Hand-washing oddly shaped items can be a great way to ensure that you've killed all the hiding germs, but don't forget that you have appliances at your disposal to help simplify that task. Your dishwasher and washing machine are two invaluable tools to help you during the flu season. 

Use your dishwasher for things like:

          Hard plastic toys

          Bathroom items like toothbrushes, cups and soap dishes

          Shelves and inserts from inside of the refrigerator (use the heated dry cycle with caution with plastic items!)


Use your washing machine for softer items such as:

          Stuffed animals and soft kids' toys

          Blankets and yes, even pillows

          Dog items like bedding and toys

There are so many other ways that you can use the two for things other than their intended use. Be creative when you look at your home and decide what needs to be cleaned for the sick season.

Clean Your Cleaning Tools

Sound redundant? It isn't. If you don't disinfect your cleaning tools between uses, all you're doing is spreading the infection from one surface to another. Toss mop heads in the washer, swap out rags and sponges often and wipe down your vacuum with sanitizing wipes.


Creating a flu-free home takes a little bit of work, but if you can keep your family healthy then it's well worth it. Decide how to maximize the tools you have available to you as you go about your home disinfecting.